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ShowMagic Puts You In Control

User Friendly Software - Lighting, Sound, Digital Signage, Video, AV devices - whatever you need to play or control, there is a ShowMagic software product ideally suited to the task and nothing could be easier to use.

Versatile - More flexible than any other lighting software or desk.

Reliable - ShowMagic has been running shows and entire venues unattended for over 8 years - faultlessly. An enviable reliability record of which we are very proud - "In over 800 gigs ShowMagic has never let us down once."

Designed by YOU - Since its conception, ShowMagic has always had resources to the best software designers in the world - YOU, the people who need it.

Our Contribution - What we have contributed as a company, is to use over 20 years experience of elegant software design & relentless optimisation, lots of common sense, and our flair for finding the quickest, easiest and most logical way of achieving the desired results with the minimum of time, effort and expense.

This had to be achieved without any sacrifice of power or flexibility - ShowMagic is the result.

A Solution for any Application - get just what you need:

SL - Control any lighting and play 5.1 surround sound, stereo, or multi-track audio - in perfect synchronization.

SLX - As SL, plus: play multiple audio to multiple outputs, route multiple audio inputs to multiple audio outputs and control external AV devices - in perfect synchronization. Also includes real time scheduler.

AV - As SLX, plus: multiple video / digital signage outputs, PowerPoint playback and automatically resized output features for use with LED videowalls - in perfect synchronization.

VISTA - Many of the features of AV, plus: play video to up to 16 independent video outputs, or frame-synchronize 2 or more video outputs (for multi-screen applications).

"We tried 4 PC based systems :- ShowCAD, Lightjockey, WinCommander and ShowMagic. ShowMagic was by far the best ... it made it so easy."
Ian Stapleton,
Intense Night Club

"I must say, our shows are great with ShowMagic - we couldn't do it easily any other way."
Paul Brow,
Project Systems Sound & Light